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About Us

Ever Bonanza was founded in 1998 dedicated to the design and development of knitted garments. We provide the customized service from raw materials to finished products depend on the client's need.

Our products are mainly produced in Taiwan and exported to the USA, Canada, Japan and other countries.

Ever Bonanza established our own brand “PhoEver”in 2014
Superfine polyester for household
100% organic cotton for baby products

Our superfine polyester fibers was developed by the US Kashwere company’s request over 10 years ago, it’s unique with high technology to produce.

The features are fluffy but won’t drop crumbs, soft, comfortable, warmth keeping and light-weight. Compared with Cashmere, it is not expensive and easy to maintain.
Our products such as robes and blankets are suitable for household, office with air-conditioner, and many five-star luxury hotels use.


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